KB design is a small design studio founded by Sonya Kopetz and Jason Bolich in 1993.

From large corporations to our favorite neighborhood wine shop, each project we take on starts where all good design does – with a conversation. Clarifying your needs. Understanding what’s important to you. Then putting the pieces in place to help you accomplish your goals. We’d love to start that conversation with you.



The beginnings of KB design started with a 2,000 mile car ride from Davenport, Iowa to Seattle, Washington. It was love of a new city and love for each other. And built upon our already-shared love of great design.

Within a month of living in Seattle, we had landed our first freelance design project – creating a suburban city newsletter. We learned quickly to gauge the scope of a project. Even once the newsletter was complete, the 22,000 copies needed to be bundled for mailing. Ever resourceful, a pizza, beer and bundling party with our friends made quick work of the task. We may have lost a bit of money on the project, but we gained the confidence to start our own design firm.

And the name? We started off as Kopetz Bolich Design (to pool our unique surnames), but quickly realized this was quite a challenge to utter upon answering the phone in the morning (particularly before coffee). So we simplified and became KB design or KBd.

Jason worked for Microsoft in his first year in Seattle and came away with several connections to former Microsofties starting out on their own business ventures. Thus, the foundation of KBd was built upon our relationships with startups in the tech industry, but has grown over the past 22 years to include forays into food, healthcare and theater.

In December of 2010, founding co-designer Jason passed away unexpectedly. Team KB is different now and though Jason is here no longer, he continues to inspire and cheer us on so the “B” in KBd can flourish in new ways.

KBd’s most common client is still a startup, though we continue to explore other fields – a fledgling sportswear company and coffee cup lid developer to name a few.

Whether you’re starting a new company, taking on a new project or simply refining your current brand, we can help along the way. Connect with us to start the conversation.